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Acitrezza / Acicastello / Catania / Taormina

Catania is an ancient city that boasts preGreek origins. 
it is considered a Dark city, since built up with the black stone of the vulcano, that is however a solar stone, luminous and full of life which you will be able to see trough the visit of it's ancient Arabic market.
Near the sea two splendid villages of fishers: Acitrezza e Acicstello.
one famous for the adventures of Ulisse and the other known for it's magnificent xI cen norman castle.


Meeting with the driving-guide and leaving for Acitrezza, 50 min away from Messina.
during the journey you'll go trough Acirreale famous in all Italy for it's carnavale.
arrival in Acitrezza and stop in the fisher's habour, where you will see the rocks that the cyclop Polifemo threw at Ulisse as the greek mythology tells.
the trip continues to Acicastello (5 MIN) for a short stop to see the norman castle, that seems to be suspended 
in the middle of the sea.
5 min away from Acicastello there is Catania, the second largest city of Sicily.
the tour starts from it's big and spectacular market.
then you'll go on to see the town's square and it's main avenue admiring the baroque style of the old buildings typical of the eastern part of Sicily. Last stop Taormina distant about 45 min to spend the remaining time to see the town. Return to the ship.




Taormina / Etna



Etna is the highest volcano of Europe.
It is possible to visit the silvestri craters where only the most rash will be able to continue until 3000 meters admiring the spectacular mouths and the incandescent magma.
To the slopes of mount Etna there is the coast of mar Ionian
and the town of Taormina, suspended between cliffs and sea in one the most admazing sceneries of natural and archaeological beauty (to visit the Greek Theatre - Roman).


On the journey to go see the Etna you can admire the beautiful Sicily coast and see the panorama of the Strait of Sicily and infront the one of Calabria( that is part of the italian coast).
From Giarre ( town on the slopes of the Etna) starts the climb ( about 40 minutes) on the Etna to go and visit the biggest vulcano of Europa.
Then arrive 2000 metrs high on the Sivestri craters where is situeted the shelter of Sapienza, place where you can go on the cable-car and and then ride on special geeps that will bring you near the peak of the vulcano, where in some periods you will be able to admire the lava flow ( the excursion is facultative and lasts about 2 hours cost 45 euro), or, instead, you can take a exciting walk around the Silvestri craters.

At the end of the trip will be offered Etna's famous honey 
which is known for it's healthiness.
Next stop Taormina: during the journy it is possible to stop and see a typical vine vault( facultative cost 10 euros ) where you can taste more then five of Etna's charateristical wines and also it's local products.
Arrival at Taormina the most famous turistic town of Sicily, where you can see the wonderful greek-roman theatre that is situeded on the top of the hill.

Free time to visit the town and afterwords return on the ship.


About not even an hour away from Palermo you'll find Cefalù, a midieval town that has a splendid norman cathedral that dates back to 1131 and that dominates the whole town. today know as a sea side and famous also for it's ancient fishers village.


Meeting with the driving-guide and leaving for Cefalù (about 55 min)
Cefalù is famous for its rich historical center: the norman cathedral, the medieval quarter, as well as for its beautiful beach and blue sea.
Visit to the cathedral and continue to the ancient midieval wash-tub, used by the women time ago to wash their clothes. Afterwords free time to spend in Sicily's second best turistic center and who prefers 
can taste sicily's typical dishes, also because Cefalù is known for all its restaurants near the sea.
Return to Palermo to see the city and then Monreale.





Palermo / Monreale



In trying to describe the beauty of Palermo in a few lines we would risk in not transmiting you the heat, the joy and the magic that you can breath while taking a walk through its streets.
You will be able to admire in our "warm" city the splendor of the Maximum Theatre and the evocative markets and have the pleasure of living one day in the full sicilian way.
A visit to palatina chapel inside the norman palace, then the Cathedral and the church of Saint Giovanni of the Hermits, 
continuing to the evocative country of Monreale with its magnificent Dome.
4 km away from the City the charming beach of Mondello with its limpid and transparent waters from where you can admire one of the most beautiful promontorys of the world, mount Pellegrino were is held the Sanctuary of Saint Rosalia


Immediate leaving from the harbour strait to the center of the city: Politeama square (2MIn).
Go on seeing the historical part of Palermo: Massimum Theater, the four angels, Piazza Pretoria, Aquile palace, Norman palace,the cathedral and for the most brave a visit to the catacombs of the Cappuccini, thousounds of mummies of famous citezens that chosed this type of burial so they could remain immortal.
then a visit to Monreale (15 min) a town famous for its dome built in 1174 by William II norman king. 
The cathedral has magnificent mosaics covered with gold.
Afterwords the journey continues to mount Pellegrino (20 min) here you can admire the spectaculess view from the top of the mountain and last stop Mondello (15 min) little village of fishers, today famous 
for its white beach and its sea food restaurants.
Return on the ship.


Savoca / Forza d’Agrò / Castelmola / Taormina

On disembarking, you will be greeted by your driver,
before proceeding to the two little hilltop towns, 
where Francis Ford Coppola filmed many parts of the ‘The Godfather’ movies. Savoca and Forza d’Agrò, with their quiet streets and peaceful atmosphere, are surrounded by beautiful mountainous scenery, and have several fascinating old churches.
Proceeding to the lovely hilltop town of Castelmola, recently voted one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. 
After exploring the little streets and tasting the delicious local almond wine, you will continue to Taormina, where you will visit the picturesque ruins of the Greek Theatre, which have inspired many writers, artists and musicians. 
From the theatre you can admire magnificent panoramic views over the Straits of Messina, the Ionian Sea and Mt Etna. After free time for shopping and exploring, return to your ship.




Segesta / Erice / Marsala



The doric temple of Segesta (V° sec.a.C.) and its Theatre 
constitute one of the most important archaeological sites of Sicily. 
The sight on the hills and on the gulf of Castellammare is very charming.
Not much distant the ancient City of Erice that rises on top of a solitary mountain which overlooks Trapani, it has ancient origins, (to visit the castle of Venere).


Siracusa / Taormina

Siracusa was one of the most powerful Greek colonies in Sicily,
impressive historical traces arrived till our days, testimony of the ancient splendor of this town is the Greek theatre, the fortifications of the Eurialo castle, the archaeological museum and Ortigia exciting is the visit of the Sanctuary of the Maria of the Tears.


Meeting with your driving-guide and leaving for Siracusa.
After about 2 hours of travelling arrival in Siracusa. First visit the archealogic park testimony of the greek-roman period.
Not to be missed the Greek Theatre and the Roman Amphitheatre, but specially Dyonisus's ear, a cave where they tell that the tyrant Dyonisus imprisoned his enemies so he could listen from above of the cave what they were saying against him.
Next stop Ortigia (5 MIN) where you will see the historical centre and the old center of the fishers, and walk in the narrow roads between the baroque buildings and the medievale monuments.
Last stop Taormina ( about an hour and half away ) capital of Sicily's turism, where you'll spend your free time.
Return to your ship.